The Takahata Lab strives to develop micro/nano-engineered devices and their manufacturing methods towards realizing innovative products and technologies to shape a better world. The following lists the themes of our current research focus and selected research topics in each.

Detailed information for each theme is linked at its title.

Micro/Nanofabrication Processes
Metal Micromachining using Miniaturized Electrical Discharge
Micropatterning of Conducting Polymer
Post-Growth Micro/Nanopatterning of Carbon Nanotube Forest
Microfabrication with Liquid Sacrificial Layer
Lithography-Assisted Electroplating Bonding
Laser Microwelding for MEMS Integration

Micromachined Actuators
RF Actuation of Hydrogels
Synchronous Wireless Control of Micro Actuator Array
Nitinol Micro-Coil Actuation via Direct RF Power Transfer
Micro-Scale Ferrofluid Manipulation and Application
Ferrofluid Levitated Micro Actuators
Diamagnetic MEMS: Micro Graphite Rotor

Micromachined Sensors
Implantable Pressure Sensor Based on Stainless Steel
Biocompatible MEMS Circuit Breaker Chip
Aneurysm Coil Sensor
Wireless Flex-Circuit Sensors Based on Responsive Hydrogels
Diaphragm/Cavity-Less Capacitive Pressure Sensor

Medical MEMS

Implantable Wireless Drug Delivery Chips
"Smart" Stents
Catheter-Based Micro Rotary Motor for 3-D Microendoscopy
Radio Controlled Micro Grippers

Carbon Nanotube Forest: Process and Application
Free-Form Micro/Nanopatterning and Batch-Mode Processing
Mechanical Patterning of Reflective Micromirrors
MEMS Contact Switches
CNT Scanning Probe
Piezoresistive Sensors

Media News
CNT-MEMS contact switch
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