The ReSeSS Research Lab

The Reliable, Secure, and Sustainable Software Lab (ReSeSS) develops solutions that enable construction of reliable software in an efficient manner. Our current focus is on security and integrity of mobile and cloud-based systems, as well as robustness, explainability, and fairness of AI systems.

Our work relies on program analysis, formal methods, ML, and empirical software engineering. We typically start from exploratory studies, investigating existing practices and core challenges. We then develop solutions for the identified challenges and evaluate them in a practical setup.

I am extremely grateful to have our research supported by NSERC, CFI, Mitacs, IBM, Samsung, Huawei, and Meta.

Our current projects evolve around four main areas:

Mobile Software

Mobile Software

Security and privacy, malware detection, quality, testability.
Compositional Software Development

Compositional Software Development

Testing and debugging, developer productivity, integration failures, upgrade inconsistencies.
Microservice-based Cloud Software

Microservice-based Cloud Software

Architecture and design, security, reliability, performance.
Trustworthy ML Agorithms

Trustworthy ML Algorithms

Adversarial robustness, explainability and interpretability, fairness, ML in software systems.


Current Students

TrustML Workshop February 2024

TrustML Workshop February 2024

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  • Khaled E. Ahmed, PhD, 9/2017-present (co-supervised with Prof. Lis)
  • Sahar Badihi, PhD, 9/2018-present
  • Yingying Wang, PhD, 5/2019-present
  • Faridah Akinotcho, MASc, 5/2021-present
  • Michael Tegegn, MASc, 9/2021-present
  • Sarah Bornais, MASc, 9/2023-present
  • Hanan Awwad, MASc, 1/2023-present
  • Xiaomeng (Nicole) Nie, BASc (ECE), 9/2023-present
  • Louie Tang, BASc (ECE), 1/2024-present

Former Students

Lab Info

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Internal information for lab members is here.