I typically recruit one or two new PHD students each year. The UBC ECE department now permits direct admission to PHD for students with only an undergraduate degree. The best way to learn about the research done in my group is by checking my publications page and reading some of the papers listed there.

I invest significant time and effort into training my graduate students to prepare them for careers either in industry or academia. You can see what some of my current and past graduate students have done and/or where they are now here. Given this I also carefully select prospective students before making admissions offers. While I primarily select students based upon demonstrated ability in their past academic and/or research track record I also strive to ensure diversity in my group. Hence, I strongly encourage applications to my group from under represented groups. I typically accept students with either a background in electrical engineering, computer engineering, or computer science. Preferably, applicants will have had some past experience either in industry or research (co-op, internships, undergrad research experience, etc…). Applicants without a prior masters degree must have obtained first-class standing in their undergraduate degree program and demonstrate some evidence of research ability. The best way to demonstrate research ability is having worked in an academic research lab and obtaining a reference letter from someone who supervised your work in that setting.

All admission offers for my group come with research assistantship funding sufficient to cover tuition and cost of living in Vancouver. UBC has guaranteed minimum funding for four years for PHD students. Stipiends for graduate students in my group are higher than this minimum and based upon the UBC graduate studies cost of living calculator here.

If you are interested in joining my group check the UBC ECE PHD program webpage for details on how to apply to our department. Make sure to list me as a prospective supervisor in your application. Due to the volume of requests I am unable to respond to individual inquiries about admissions.