Current PHD Students

Tommy Chou – Internship at Huawei (Summer 2021)
LuFei Liu – NSERC CGS-M, CGS-D, Internship at Meta (Summer 2022)
Gideon Uchehara – Quantum CREATE Fellowship, Internship at (Summer/Fall 2022)
Mohammadreza Saed
Jonathan Lew – NSERC CGS-M, PGS-D
Ningfeng Yang

PHD Graduates



Current Position

Deval Shah

Energy-Efficient Acceleration for Autonomous Robotics MTS AI Software Development Engineer, AMD (Vancouver)

R. David Evans

Accelerating Deep Learning with Lossy Compression Technical Lead, Borealis AI (Vancouver)

Ayub Gubran

Models and Techniques for Designing Mobile System-on-Chip Devices SoC Architecture and Performance Analysis, Google (Mountain View)

Tayler Hetherington

Software-Hardware Co-design for Energy Efficient Datacenter Computing Consulting Member of Technical Staff at Oracle Labs (Vancouver)

Ahmed ElTantawy

Architectural Support for Inter-Thread Synchronization in SIMT Architectures Principal Member Of Technical Staff, AMD (Toronto)

Tim Rogers

Locality and Scheduling in the Massively Multithreaded Era

Associate Professor, School of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Purdue University

Wilson Fung

GPU Computing Architecture for Irregular Parallelism

Principal Engineer - GPU Architecture, Samsung Austin Research Center - ACL (San Jose)

Ali Bakhoda

Designing Network-on-Chips for Throughput Accelerators

Principal Performance Architect, Microsoft (Vancouver)

Masters Graduates

Name Thesis Last Known Coordinates

Maria Lubeznov

Accelerating Network Function Virtualization Senior Member Of Technical Staff, Oracle Canada

Negar Goli

ReSprop: Reuse Sparsified Backpropagation Sr. Machine Learning/HPC Architect, AMD

Francois Demoullin

Evaluating hybrid rendering workloads to guide computer architecture improvements in real-time raytracing Graphics Researcher, Apple

Aamir Raihan

Sparse Weight Activation Training Software Engineer 2, Microsoft

Amruth Sandhupatla

Faster Convolutional Neural Network Training via Approximate Memoization Senior Software Engineer II, Synopsys

Shadi Assadi

A Mixed-Grained Architecture for Improving HLS-Generated Controllers

Senior Member Of Technical Staff, Oracle Canada

Andrew Boktor

Coursework M.Eng. Senior Software Engineer, Microsoft Corp. (Seattle)

Rimon Tadros

Accelerating web search using GPUs

Engineering Manager, Lyft (Vancouver)

Dongdong Li

Inter-core Locality Aware Memory Access Scheduling

Software Engineer, Google (Mountain View)

Hadi Jooybar

Deterministic Execution on GPU Architectures

Technical Lead, Groq

Inderpreet Singh

Improving GPU Programming Models Through Hardware Cache Coherence

Software Engineering Manager, Parallel Domain (Vancouver)

Jimmy Kwa

Optimizing Network-on-Chips for FPGAs

Software Developer, IBM (Toronto)

Andrew Turner

On Replay and Hazards in Graphics Processor Units [C.12]

SOC System Architect, Qualcomm (San Diego)

Arun Ramamurthy

Towards Scalar Synchronization in SIMT Architectures

Vice President of Engineering, (Bay Area)

Johnny Kuan

Improving the Performance of Post-Silicon Trace Generation

Staff Engineer (Machine Learning Performance Architecture), Qualcomm (Toronto)

George Yuan

GPU Compute Memory Systems

Senior Architecture Manager, NVIDIA (Washington)

Xi Chen

Analytical Modeling of Modern Microprocessor Performance

Distinguished Engineer, Cerebras Systems (Santa Clara)

Henry Wong

Architectures and limits of GPU-CPU heterogeneous systems

CPU Architect, Intel (Hillsboro)

Ivan Sham

Coursework M.Eng.

Distinguished Engineer, Wildlife Studios (Seattle)