Efficient Architecture

This project investigates future architectures which provide general purpose computing orders of magnitude more efficiently versus today's superscalar out-of-order CPUs. This project was started while I was on sabbatical at Stanford during 2012-2013. The initial approach explored was rethinking CPU architecture remove sources of inefficiency both in the compute core and the memory hierarchy. The results of this initial approach have been published in several of the papers found below.

More recently, motivated by the increasing use of field programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) inside the datacenter, we have explored how FPGA architecture should change to support a wider range of applications. More broadly I am interested in investigating alternative architectures that balance easy of programming with hardware efficiency. Funding for this research is provided in part by an NSERC Discovery Accelerator.


Efficient and Easily Programmable Accelerator Architectures (PDF) - invited talk, Stanford Pervasive Parallelism Lab Retreat, May 2013


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