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Graduate Students
Graduate Student Awards

Postdoctoral Fellows and Staff
  • Hani Eskandari - Research Associate, ultrasound elastography (co-supervised with Prof. Rohling).
  • Mehi Moradi - Postdoctoral Fellow, prostate imaging (co-supervised with Prof. Rohling)
  • Neerav Patel - Research Engineer, software engineering support.

Graduate Students

  • Troy Adebar - M.A. Sc., image guidance for robot-assisted surgery
  • Ali Baghani - Ph.D., ultrasound elastography (co-supervisor with R. Rohling)
  • John Bartlett - M.A.Sc., image guidance for robot-assisted surgery (co-supervised with P. Abolmaesumi)
  • Nick Chng - Ph.D., Prostate brachytherapy treatment planning and evaluation (co-supervisor, Dr. I. Spadinger is the main supervisor).
  • Sam Frew - M.A.Sc., ultrasound elastography
  • Orcun Goksel - Ph.D., Prostate brachytherapy simulator (co-supervised with R. Rohling).
  • Sara Mahdavi - Ph.D., prostate imaging.
  • Diego Pranantha - M.A.Sc., Prostate brachytherapy guidance (co-supervised with R. Rohling).
  • Ramin Sahebjavaher - Ph.D., elastography.
  • Caitlin Schneider - M.A.Sc., image guidance for robot-assisted surgery (co-supervised with R. Rohling).
  • Farheen Taquee - M.A.Sc., image guidance for robot-assisted surgery
  • Xu Wen - Ph.D. Ultrasound-based dosimetry for prostate brachytherapy (co-supervised wtih P.D. Lawrence).
  • Michael Yip - M.A.Sc., image guidance for robot-assisted surgery (co-supervised with R. Rohling)
  • Reza Zahiri-Azar - Ph.D., Real-time ultrasound elastography (estimation of elastic parameters of tissue).

Graduate Student Awards
  • 1st Place, Student Paper Comp., CMBEC 2006, to Orcun Goksel, for "Image Synthesis of Deformed Tissue with Application to Ultrasound for Prostate Brachytherapy" by Goksel, Salcudean and Rohling.
  • ASI Exchange Communication Award, 2004 ASI Exchange, to student O. Goksel, for poster “Towards a simulator for prostate brachytherapy”, by Goksel, Salcudean and Rohling.
  • ASI Exchange Innovation Award, 2004 ASI Exchange, to student O. Goksel, for poster “Towards a simulator for prostate brachytherapy”, by Goksel, Salcudean and Rohling.
  • Best Student Poster, to student O. Goksel, Intelligent Systems 2005 Conference – “3-D Simulation for Brachytherapy”
  • Best Paper Award, 2004 Symp. On Haptic Interfaces for Virtual Env. & Teleop. Sys., for paper "Haptic rendering of rigid body collisions" by D. Constantiescu, S.E. Salcudean and E.A. Croft.
  • Governor’s General Gold Medal Award, 2003, to Ph.D. student S.P. DiMaio.
  • Best Student Paper, 2003 Medical Image Computation & Computer Aided Intervention Conference, 2003, to S.P. DiMaio, for paper "Needle Steering and Model-Based Trajectory Planning." by S.P. DiMaio and S.E. Salcudean.
  • Best Technology Demonstration Award, 2003 IRIS conference for “Interactive Needle Insertion.”, by S.P. DiMaio and S.E. Salcudean.
  • Anton Philips Best Student Paper, 2002 IEEE International Conference on Robotics and Automation, to S. P. DiMaio, forpaper  “Needle Insertion Modelling and Simulation,” by S.P. DiMaio and S.E. Salcudean.
  • Best Student Poster, to P. Abolmaesumi, 2000 Institute of Robotics and Intelligent Systems conference, for poster  Visual servoing for robot-assisted diagnostic ultrasound”.
  • Best Technology Demonstratio Award,  IRIS-PRECARN Conference, Toronto, June 1999, received with group of graduate students for “Haptic Interaction with a 3-DOF Planar Parallel Interface”.
  • “Best Student Poster" award received  for ``A Virtual Excavation Environment for Operator Training and Evaluation" by Simon DiMaio, S.E. Salcudean, S. Tafazoli, K. Hashtrudi-Zaad and C. Reboulet,  IRIS-PRECARN Conference, Toronto, June 1999.
  •   “ASI Exchange Communication Award”, 1999 ASI Exchange, for video entitled “Force Feedback Teleoperation of a Mini-Excavator over the Internet, using a virtual Master Environment”, by K. Hashtrudi-Zaad, S.P. DiMaio and S.E. Salcudean.
  •   “Best Student Poster" award received for ``Physical Heart Stabilization for Cardiac Surgery'', by Terence Gilhuly, S.E. Salcudean, S.V. Lichtenstein, K. Ashe and P.D. Lawrence,  IRIS-PRECARN Conference, Vancouver, June 1998.
  •  Finalist (one out of five) for Best Paper Award at the 1996 International IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation, for “A coarse-Fine Approach to Hand-Controller Design”, by L. Stocco and S. Salcudean.
  • “Best Student Poster'' award received  for “A Motion-Scaling Force-Reflecting Teleoperation System for Microsurgery'', by Joseph Yan and S.E. Salcudean,  IRIS-PRECARN Conference, Toronto, June 1994
  • Finalist (one out of six) for best conference video at the 1993 International IEEE Conference on Robotics and Automation, for “The Magic Wrist: Compliant Assembly Using Magnetic Levitation”, by S.-R. Oh, R.L. Hollis and S. Salcudean.

Lab Alumni

  • Ehsan Dehghan - Ph.D. Needle insertion simulation and planning., now post-doctoral fellow at Queen's University.
  • Julian Guerrero Ph.D. - Screening system for Deep Venous Thrombosis (co-supervised with J. McEwen). now University instructor in Mexico.
  • Sara Badiei - M.A.Sc, Segmentation of the prostate in ultrasound images (in collaboration with Dr. J. Morris).
  • R. Zahiri-Azar - M.A.Sc. "Real-time imaging of elastic properties of soft tissue with ultrasound", December 2005.
  • D. French - M.A.Sc., "Real-time Dose Computation for Prostate Brachytherapyusing TRUS and FLuoroscopy", December 2004, now medical resident.
  • D. Constantinescu - Ph.D., thesis "Efficient and transparent haptic renderning of rigid body motion with constraints",  Fast Dynamic Simulations for Haptic Interfaces
  • Stephen Okazawa - M.Eng, EMEC Program, steerable needle.
  • Richelle Ebrahimi - M.Eng, EMEC Program, needle localization in ultrasound images.
  • A. Gosline - M.A.Sc, thessis "Simulation of linear elastic medica with fluid inclusions", December 2003, now a Ph.D. student at McGill University.
  • Emre Turgay, M.A.Sc., "Imaging visco-elastic properties of soft tissue with ultrasound", (co-supervised with R. Rohling).
  • Mohammad Reza Sirouspour - Ph.D. thesis, "Teleoperation from movable bases: modeling, analysis, design and experiments with a hydraulic motion platform", March 2003.
  • Simon DiMaio - Ph.D. thesis "Modelling, simulation an dplanning of needle motion in soft tissue", September 2003, now with Intuitive Surgical
  • Purang Abolmaesumi, Ph.D. thesis, "Image-Guided Robot-Assisted Daignostic Ultrasound", September 2002, now  a professor at Queen's University purang@cs.queensu.ca.
  • Keyvan Hashtrudi-Zaad, Ph.D. thesis,  "Design, Implementation and Evalutation of Stable Bilateral Teleoperation Control Architectures for Enhanced Telepresence", September 2000, khz@ece.queensu.ca.
  • Leo Stocco, Ph.D. thesis, "Robot Design Optimization with Haptic Interface Applications", December 1999 (co-supervised with F.Sassani), now an instructor at the University of British Columbia.          
  • Ana-Luisa Trejos, M.A.Sc. thesis, "Feasibility Study of a Moving Hand Support for Surgery on the Beating Heart",  November 1999, (co-supervised with F.Sassani), now with C-STAR.
  • John Person, M.A.Sc. student, performance specifications and device design for laparoscopic surgery (co-supervised with A. Hodgson).
  • Terence Gilhuly, M.A.Sc., "Optical and Physical Heart Stabilization for Cardiac Surgery",  (co-supervised with P.D. Lawrence, in collaboration with Dr. S. Lichtenstein, St. Paul Hospital, Vancouver).
  • Jason Boulet, M.A.Sc. thesis, ``Vibration Isolation Active Control Techniques and Testing in a Microgravity Environment", April 1997.
  • Daming Li, M.A.Sc. thesis, ``Modeling, Simulationand Control of a Stewart Platform", February 1992.
  • Zhongzhi (John) Hu, Ph.D. thesis,  ``Multiple Objective Control with Applications to Teleoperation".
  • Shyan Ku, M.A.Sc. thesis, ``Dexterity Enhancement in Microsurgery using a Microgripper and Motion-Scaling System'', April 1996, now with Poitn Grey Research, vancouver, BC. 
  • Chia-Tung Chen, M.A.Sc. thesis, ``Effects of Flexible modes and Vibration Damping for Scaled Teleoperation'', April 1996.
  • Tim Vlaar, M.A.Sc. thesis ``Mechanism Emulation with a Magnetically Levitated Input/Output Device, December 1994, now with Point Grey Research, Vancouver, BC.
  • Ming Zhu, M.A.Sc. thesis, ``Master-slave Force-reflecting Resolved Motion Control of Hydraulic Mobile Machines'', December 1994.
  • Joseph Yan, M.A.Sc. thesis ``Design and Control of a Bilateral Motion-Scaling System using Magnetic Levitation'', March 1994, now a professor at the University of British Columbia.
  • Alan Lynch, M.A. Sc. thesis ``Optimization-Based Controller Tuning Using the Q-Parametrization'', December 1993, now a professor at the University of Alberta.
  • Peter Hacksel, M.A.Sc. thesis ``Observer Based Velocity and Environment Force Estimation for Rigid Body Control'', October 1993.
  • Anthony Chahal, M.A.Sc. thesis ``End-point Sensing and Digital Control of a Scanning Tunneling Microscope'', May 1993.
  • N.M. (Morris) Wong, M.A.Sc. thesis ``Implementation of a Force-Reflecting Telerobotic System with Magnetically Levitated Master and Wrist'', December 1992.
  • Niall Parker, M.A.Sc. thesis ``Application of Force Feedback to Heavy-Duty Hydraulic Machines'', October 1992 (co-supervised with P.D. Lawrence).
  • Peter Drexel, M.A.Sc. thesis ``A Six Degrees-of-Freedom Hydraulic Motion Simulator'', October 1992 (co-supervised with P.D. Lawrence).


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