Don Gillies

Bluescape (2021-present): Principal Engineer
Lyft (Nov 2018-May 2020): Reliability Software Engineer, Data Platform Team
Google (Sept 2013-Nov 2018) SRE/Senior Software Engineer, Google Search
Qualcomm, Inc (May 2003-Sept 2013): Senior Staff Engineer (16 patents)
Kiyon, Inc (Feb 2003-May): Co-founder/CTO (3 patents)
Graviton, Inc (May 2001-Feb 2003): Network Architect (3 patents)
Network Appliance (March 2000-March 2001): Member of Technical Staff-5.
Qualcomm Globalstar (March 1998-2000): Principal, Planetwide Software, Inc.
Motorola Iridium (June 1996-Feb 1998): Senior Software Engineer, TekSci, Inc.
Xerox Office Systems Division (1984-1986): Senior Engineer, Distributed Services
MIT (1983-1984) - Undergraduate Researcher, CSG/CSR Group
Adjunct Professor (EE, 1995-2001): UBC. (Last students in 1995)
Assistant Professor (EE, 1993-1995): UBC.
Visiting Professor (CS, 1993): University of Illinois.

Ph.D. (CS, 1993), M.S. (CS, 1990): University of Illinois - Jane Liu,
S.B. (EECS, 1984): MIT - Jerry Saltzer, and MIT - Deborah Estrin, in MIT - David Clark's Group

About Don

Interests: Real-time and Systems Software, Linear and Nonlinear Optimization, Communications Software, Fault Tolerance, and Digital Design.

"In a real-time system the correctness of a computation depends not only upon the logical correctness of the result but upon the time at which it is produced."

I coined this definition in 1991 or 1992, modeling it after a short 6-line essay - can you guess where I got the idea?

Some of the things I have done in my careeer - - -

I am now a software engineer in the Bay Area. I work as a a software engineer for Databricks, helping to run their data warehouse. Regrettably, I cannot accept new students since I have moved away from Vancouver for good.

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