Zhenyu Guo

Electrical and Computer Engineering Department
University of British Columbia

Jane's Lab

2366 Main Mall
University of British Columbia, BC V6T 1Z4

Cell: +1 778-918-7696
zhenyug (at) ece.ubc.ca


2005-2009 B.S., Zhejiang University
2009-present Ph.D. student, UBC

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This is Zhenyu Guo's Homepage.
Still under construction.
Home Appliance Load Modeling from Aggregated Smart Meter Data is accepted to IEEE Transactions on Power Systems, May 2014.

Join Energy Aware Tech Inc. as Data Scientist, Feb, 2014.

Physiological Parameter Monitoring of Drivers based on Video Data and Independent Vector Analysis is accepted to ICASSP, Forence, 2014.

Neurio on Kickstarter. Part of the technology behind this system is driven by my algorithm.

An Adaptive Descriptor Design for Object Recognition in the Wild is accepted to IEEE International Conference on Computer Vision (ICCV), Sydney, 2013.

Physiological Monitoring for Drivers is presented at ICICS IEEE Workshop on Connected Vehicle, UBC, May 2013.

A patent on load analysis for demand response program is filed , April 2013.

Cross-Domain Object Recognition via Input-Output Kernel Analysis accepted to IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, April 2013.

Metric Based Gaussian Kernel Learning for Classification accepted to ICASSP, to appear in May 2013.

A U.S. patent on electricity load forecasting and disaggregation is filed , Oct 2012.

An Unsupervised Hierarchical Feature Learning Framework for One-Shot Image Recognition accepted to IEEE Transactions on Multimedia, Aug 2012.