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Dr. Gunther Schrack

Professor Emeritus of Computer Engineering
Faculty Member, Institute for Computing, Information and Cognitive Systems

B.A.Sc., UBC (1958); M.A Sc., UBC (1960); Ph.D., ETH (1968). Visiting Research Scientist, German National Research Laboratory for Informatics, (1989/90).

Computer graphics, solid modelling; algorithms for quadtree and octree modelling and display; spatial orders; spatial knowledge representation and reasoning.

Research Interests

(1) Quadtrees and octrees are specialized data structures which are used for the internal representation of pictures and solid objects, respectively. Problems of interest are the efficient construction of quadtrees and octrees from frame buffers, CAT scan slices, parametric generation, and by other techniques. Efficient encoding and decoding algorithms as well as an arithmetic which supports geometric transformations and other relevant manipulations were recently developed.

(2) Spatial orders are mathematical transformations which map a multi-dimensional discrete space onto the set of natural numbers. Due to their general nature, a wide range of applications is known in many fields in the applied sciences. Of particular research interest are problems such as those listed for quadtrees and octrees above (which are spatial orders).

(3) In spatial knowledge representation and reasoning it is attempted to extract implicit information contained in a graphical data base. Typical research problems are, for example, searching for a specific object and finding spatial relationships between objects.

Selected Publications

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