Matthew J. Yedlin

Professional Background

Matthew J. Yedlin is an Associate Professor, appointed in the Department of Electrical Engineering in the Faculty of Applied Science at the University of British Columbia. His research is interdisciplinary, focusing on the applications of techniques in electrical engineering to geophysical research problems and the application of multiple scattering to practical electromagnetic wave propagation problems.

Academic Profile

  • Power Point Talk PowerPoint Talks.
  • Coulomb's Law Lecture 1 Coulomb's Law
  • Coulomb's Law Lecture 1 Coulomb's Law swf file
  • Gauss's LawLecture 3 Gauss's Law mp4
  • Energy and Potential Lecture 4 Energy and Potential mp4
  • Application 1 Lecture 5 Applications -- Boundary Conditions mp4
  • Application 2 Lecture 6 Applications -- Current and Current Density mp4
  • Application 3 Lecture 7 Applications -- Resistor and Capacitor Examples mp4
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