EasyGL for Linux and Windows

Current version: 1.06 [Download ZIP here] [Download TARBALL here].

older versions: William Chow's web page(broken), Vaughn Betz's web page


Thank you to the following gentlemen for their previous work:

This web page borrowed & modified without permission from William Chow.
(EasyGL is released with his permission)

Changes since V1.0

V1.06 : July 26, 2003 : (Guy)
- re-added X11 support. it should compile cleanly & automatically for X11 or Win32
- changed some type casts to make it friendly with C++
- NOTE: I did not update example.c or the VisualStudio-type makefiles yet.
- NOTE: You can use the EasyGL manual from Vaughn Betz, but some function prototypes have changed (example: cleanup function pointers are now passed -- use (NULL) if you don't have any).

V1.05 : July 26, 2001 : (William)
- changed keyboard detect function to accept an int (virtual key)

V1.04 : June 29, 2001 : (William)
- added drawcurve(), fillcurve() using Bezier curves (support WIN32 screen / ps)
- added pt on object capability : using a memory buffer to draw an
graphics objects, then query if a point fall on the object (bear the object's colour) : object_start(), object_end(), pt_on_object()
- added drawellipticarc(), fillellipticarc()
- added findfontsize() to help find a pointsize of a given height
- extended t_report to keep xleft, xright, ytop, ybot
- added update_window() to set the window bb

V1.03 : June 18, 2001 : (William)
- added change_button_text()

V1.02 : June 13, 2001 : (William)
- extension to mouse click function : can tell if ctrl/shift keys are pressed

V1.01 : June 1, 2001 : (William)
- add tooltip support

Changes since the original EasyGL

V1.0 : May 14, 2001 : (William)
- fixed a problem with line styles, initial release on the internet

March 27, 2001 : (William)
- added setcolor_by_colorref to make more colors available (in Win32)

February 16, 2001 : (William)
- added quick zoom using right mouse clicks

February 11, 2001 : (William)
- can define cleanup(), passed in when calling init_graphics(), and called when shutting down

February 1, 2001 : (William)
- fix xor mode redraw problem

September 19, 2000 : (William)
- can define mouse_move callback function
- can add separators in between buttons

September 8, 2000 : (William)
- added result_structure(),
- can define background color in init_graphics

August 10, 2000 : (William Chow, choww@eecg.utoronto.ca)
- Finished all Win32 support functions
- use XOR mode for window zooming box
- added double buffering feature

January 12, 1999: (Paul)
- Fixed a bunch of stuff with the Win32 support (memory leaks, etc)
- Made the clipping function using the update rectangle for Win32

January 9, 1999: (Paul Leventis, leventi@eecg.utoronto.ca)
- Added Win32 support. Should work under Windows98/95/NT 4.0/NT 5.0.
- Added a check to deselect_all to determine whether the screen needs to be updated or not. Should elminate flicker from mouse clicks
- Added invalidate_screen() call to graphics.c that in turn calls update_screen, so this function was made non-static and added to the header file. This is due to differences in the structure of Win32 windowing apps.
- Added setOKtoPaint(TRUE/FALSE) to explicitly tell the graphics engine that the data structures are o.k. to read for redrawing the screen. Used for Win32 since painting is a separate thread of execution.
- Win32 needs clipping (though done automatically, could be faster)

This page is last edited at July 28, 2003. .