EECE 519: Computer-Supported Collaborative Work

Lee Iverson
FSC 1402 Tuesday & Thursday 12:00-13:30
Office Hours:
Drop by MCLD 341 or by appointment 822-3381
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This course is designed as a research course covering the essential principles that need to be embodied in computer and network systems designed to facilitate human collaboration. The term Computer-Supported Collaborative Work (CSCW) is often used to refer to the field of research that covers these systems.

We will cover a broad range of computer-oriented technologies that enable collaborative activites including email, chat, instant messaging, hypertext, groupware, weblogs, distributed filesystems, knowledge management, and digital libraries. We will also seriously examine the ways in which these technologies enable or transform the communities within which they are deployed. We will also carefully consider the social aspects of communities and the ways in which these technologies mesh with the communities they support. Finally, we will look to the future and explore a research program for supporting rich human-oriented collaboration.
Each week will consist of two sessions. The Tuesday sessions will be traditional lectures, supported by readings, that will provide background and my own interpretation of the subject matter we are covering.

After the first two weeks, the Thursday sessions will be taken up with student-led reports and discussions on the assigned papers for that week. This report will consist of a critical presentation and analysis of the assigned text(s) and facilitation of a discussion of the work. Another student will be assigned to take notes from the discussion. Both the research report presented and the discussion notes will be posted to the course website. The slides from the presentation I gave in Week 3, that cover my expectations for these paper reviews are available in PowerPoint or HTML.
A collaborative course web-site will be established with discussion forums and weblogs. All classroom reports and other written materials for the course will be made available through this site (site TBA).
The course grade will be divided up as such:
  • 20% for classroom and online participation
  • 40% for two classroom presentations and reports
  • 40% for a term project which will take the form of a proposal for a Masters-level thesis or project
Students are expected to attend all lectures and seminar sessions, and to participate freely in discussions. Readings will be assigned on a weekly basis and all students will be expected to have prepared for lectures by critically reading the required texts prior to the Tuesday meetings.

Sep 2, 4
Week 1
CSCW: Introduction and background.
Sep 9, 11
Week 2
Groups: Social Perspectives on Collaboration
Sep 16, 18
Week 3
Groups: Groups and Teamwork
Sep 23, 25
Week 4
Groups: Virtual Teams
Sep 30, Oct 2
Week 5
Technologies: CMC and EMail
Oct 7, 9
Week 6
Technologies: Video and IM
Oct 14, 16
Week 7
Technologies: Weblogs and Wikis
Oct 21, 23
Week 8
Knowledge Management
Oct 28, 30
Week 9
The Semantic Web
Nov 4, 6
Week 10
Digital Libraries
Nov 11, 13
Week 11
Hypertext and Hypermedia
Nov 18, 20
Week 12
Documents and Annotation
 Nov 25, 27
Week 13
Proposal Presentations
Dec 2, 4
Week 14