Snapshots: Students 2010 ... 2022

Current students
Ph.D. students
Mohammad Taha Askari (UBC 4YF scholar)
Mostafa Darabi (IDF scholar)
Elena Dobre
Nikhilswar Kota
Selvakumar Tharranetharan (UBC 4YF scholar)
Faramarz Vaziri
M.ASc. students
Marley Beckett (NSERC scholar)
Chinmoyee Chakraborty
Francis Chambers
Flynn Dowey
Idan Roth

Graduated students
Ph.D. students
Yinjia Huo (Ph.D.) Cable health monitoring using power line communications signal and machine learning technique
Vishnu Rajendran Chandrika (Ph.D.) Enhancing low-cost cellular IoT networks on the sidelink and satellite links
Rabe Arshad (Ph.D.) Stochastic geometry aided user mobility analysis in heterogeneous wireless networks
Ali Saberali (Ph.D.) Coded caching : convex optimization and graph theoretical perspectives
Yanan Sun (Ph.D.) Application of Behind-the-Meter Energy Storage Systems for Household Load Hiding and Frequency Regulation Service
Mrinmoy Jana (Ph.D.) Faster-than-Nyquist system design for next generation fixed transmission networks
Gautham Prasad (Ph.D.) In-Band Full-Duplex Power Line Communications
Faribar Aalamifar (Ph.D.) Analysis and Optimization of Communication Technologies for Smart Grid Applications
Md. Jahidur Rahman (Ph.D.) Interference mitigation and alignment for interference-limited communication systems
Hao Ma (Ph.D.) Coordinated Transmission for Visible Light Communication Systems
Naveen Mysore Balasubramanya (Ph.D.) Enhancements to the Long Term Evolution (LTE) Standard for Facilitating the Internet of Things (IoT)
Ayman Mostafa (Ph.D.) Physical-Layer Security for Visible-Light Communication Systems
Julien Renard (Ph.D.) Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios: Improving Robustness to Impulsive Noise
(with Prof. Horlin, jointly at UBC and Université Libre de Bruxelles)
Nikola Zlatanov (Ph.D.) Novel Protocols for the Two-Hop Half-Duplex Relay Network
(main supervisor Prof. R. Schober)
Nima Taherinejad (Ph.D.) Power line communications in vehicles: Channel measurements and impedance matching networks
(co-supervised by Prof. S. Mirabbasi)
Imtiaz Ahmed (Ph.D.) Resource Allocation in Wireless Systems with Conventional and Energy Harvesting Nodes
(main supervisor Prof. R. Schober)
Ghasem Naddafzadeh Shirazi (Ph.D.) Optimization in Wireless Sensor and Machine-Type Communication Networks
Zahra Ahmadian (Ph.D.) Multiuser Pre-Filtered Ultra-Wideband Systems
Roee Diamant (Ph.D.) Spatial Reuse Scheduling and Localization for Underwater Acoustic Communication Networks
Azad Ravanshid (Ph.D.) Rateless-Coded Cooperative Communications for Wireless Networks
(at University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, with Prof. J. Huber)
Mohammad Mohammadnia-Avval (Ph.D.) Analysis and design of OFDM systems: Loading and nonlinear distortion mitigation
Trung Thanh Nguyen (Ph.D.) Binary-Coded Modulation and Applications in Free-Space Optics
Jeebak Mitra (Ph.D.) Reliable communication in non-Gaussian environments: Receiver design and analytical aspects
Tariq Al-Khasib (Ph.D.) Resource allocation and optimization for multiple-user legacy and cognitive radio systems
(co-supervised by Prof. H. Alnuweiri)
Anand Oka (Ph.D.)Towards Vaulting the Hurdle of Short Lifetimes in Wireless Sensor Networks: Distributed Algorithms and UWB Impulse Radio
Anna-Marie Silvester (Ph.D.) Space-Time Continuous-Phase Modulation
Christopher Snow (Ph.D.)Multiband OFDM for Ultra-Wideband Wireless Communication
(co-supervised with Prof. R. Schober)
Volker Pauli (Ph.D.) Design and Analysis of Low-Complexity Noncoherent Detection Schemes
(at University of Erlangen-Nurnberg, with Prof. J. Huber)
Xi Lu (M.A.Sc.) Neural networks in application to dolphin whistle detection and generation
Mitchell Nichols (M.A.Sc.) Fully connected optical beamforming network using microring weight banks
Mehdi Saeidi (M.A.Sc.) Hardware implementation of a multicarrier faster-than-Nyquist decoder
Shenghang Luo (M.A.Sc.) Model based machine learning techniques for fiber nonlinearity compensation
Mohammad Taha Askari (M.A.Sc.) Interplay between Fiber Nonlinearity and Probabilistic Amplitude Shaping
Prasham Jain (M.A.Sc.) Machine Learning Aided Non-Linear Interference Compensation for Optical Fiber Communication Systems
Seyedrazieh Bayati (M.A.Sc.) Machine learning-assisted CRAN design with hybrid RF/FSO and full-duplex self-backhauling
Jordan Naterer (M.A.Sc.) Modular spectrum utilization for next-generation fixed transmission networks
Lazar Atanackovic (M.A.Sc.) Machine learning inspired ship-radiated noise modelling and cancellation for underwater acoustic communication systems
Roee Bar (M.A.Sc.) In-Vehicle Powerline Communication Using Software-Defined Radio
Manyou Ma (M.A.Sc.) A Comparative Evaluation of Two Synthetic Aperture with Virtual Source Beamforming Methods in Biomedical Ultrasound
(co-supervised with Prof. R. Rohling)
Michelle Clark (M.A.Sc.) Improving the Feasibility of Energy Disaggregation in Very High- and Low-Rate Sampling Scenarios
Philip Mark (M.A.Sc.) Ethernet over Light
Yifei Zhuang (M.A.Sc.) Physical Layer Security in MIMO Power Line Communication Networks
Mohamed Ahmed (M.A.Sc.) Inference and Commpunications over Power Lines
Kyle Kotowick (M.A.Sc.) Advances in Synthetic Aperture, Compounded Plane Wave, and Spatially Encoded Excitation Techniques for Fast Ultrasonography
(co-supervised with Prof. R. Rohling)
Dana Hoffmann (M.A.Sc.) Multiuser Detection for Transmit-Only Active RFID
Xiaolang Zhang (M.A.Sc.) A Programmable-Gain Amplifier and an Active Inductor for In-Vehicle Power Line Communications
(co-supervised with Prof. S. Mirabbasi)
Kung-Chung Lee (M.A.Sc.) Localization Systems Using Signal Strength Fingerprinting
Alireza Kenarsari (M.A.Sc.) Rehashing Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation
Ali Abdul-Hussein (M.A.Sc.) Rateless Codes - Decoding and Applications
Jingjun Li (M.A.Sc.) Detection, Channel Estimation, and Interference Suppression for DS-UWB
(co-supervised by Prof. C. Leung)
Zahra Ahmadian (M.A.Sc.)Performance Analysis for IEEE 802.15.4a UWB Systems
Trung Thanh Nguyen (M.A.Sc.)PAR Reduction in OFDM Systems by Multiple Signal Representation
Siddharth Srinivasan (M.A.Sc.)Gallager's Random Coding Exponent for Differential Space-Time Modulation
Jeebak Mitra (M.A.Sc.)Serial Concatenation of Simple Codes with Differential Modulations
Noha Ibrahim (M.A.Sc.)Bluetooth Receiver Design Based on Laurent's Decomposition
(co-supervised with Prof. R. Schober)
Ambuj Parihar (M.A.Sc.)Equalization for DS-UWB Systems
(co-supervised by Prof. C. Leung)
Jeff Liu (M.A.Sc.)Low-Complexity Iterative Decoding for Bit-Interleaved Coded Modulation
Mani Jain (M.A.Sc.)Noncoherent Sequence Detection Receiver for Bluetooth Systems
(co-supervised with Prof. R. Schober)