Views and Wildflowers of Winchester Mountain and Twin Lakes

The following wildflowers were photographed during a hike on Winchester Mountain with Jim Campbell and his crew, on September 6, 2003. This hike rises above Twin Lakes, Mt. Baker Wilderness, WA.

N 48d 57.128m, W 121d 38.133m (WGS84) at Twin Lakes,
N 48d 57.384m, W 121d 38.587m at the top of Winchester Mtn.
The elevation varied from 1590 m at Twin Lakes, to 1985 m at the top.

The summer has been hot and dry, so there were not too many flowers left, but the views were fantastic. There is no water on the trail - the only water is at Twin Lakes (I say this for the flower's benefit, not the hiker's benefit!).

0004 - A peek at Mt. Baker

0007 - Jim Campbell with High Pass and Mt. Larrabee

0018 - Another peek at Mt. Baker

0030 - More than a peek

0034 - Twin Lakes from the trail

0037 - Canadian and American Border Peaks

0038 - Tomyhoi Lake and Peak (above Yellow Aster Butte)

0039 - Playing on the snow (with scraped elbows)

0056 - YewLam Neo at the top of Winchester Mtn. (Canadian Border Peak just to the right of YewLam)

0058 - Ian Cumming with Mt. Larrabee and the American Border Peak (at far left)

0062 - Common Harebell [TD164]

0074 - Mountain Bistort [TD114]

0083 - maybe an Orange Agoseris or an Englemann's Aster (in seed)

0087 - Douglas Aster [PM288]

0093 - A Cow Parsnip among friends

0094 - Where we are!

0095 - Pink Monkey-flower (only found by the stream connecting the Twin Lakes) [TD150]

We also saw many Mountain Pasqueflowr (tow heads), Partridgefoot, and some Fringed Grass-of-Parnassus (at the lower Twin Lake inlet stream).

Please let me know if any flowers are misindentified! The camera I used is a Canon, kindly loaned by Jim Campbell.      

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