Brandywine Meadow Wildflower Photos   (Scroll right for more photos, scroll down for general information)

1979:  Fireweed    P. 206 1982:  Canada Thistle    P. 306 1988:  Mt. Fee with Pearly Everlasting    P. 304 1995:   Lunch in the meadows - Karen, Doug & Linda 2000:  Pink Monkey-Flower   P. 265 2004:  Yellow Willowherb   P. 205 2010:  Broad-Leaved Willowherb (Alpine Fireweed)   P. 206 2016:  A willow in seed    P. 87 2019:  Leatherleaf Saxifrage    P. 164 2029:  Fringed Grass-of-Parnassus and mosses by the stream 2033:  an Amblystegiaceous species (Terry McIntosh) 2037:  Alaska Rein-Orchid    P. 123 2041:  Alaska Rein-Orchid    P. 123 2043:  Same as #2033 - colour not typical     P. 471 2044:  Fringed Grass-of-Parnassus    P. 169 2047:  Broken seed head of Green False Hellebore     2053:  Broad-Leaved Willowherb with Mt. Garibaldi 2054:  Green False Hellebore    P. 113 2055:  Green False Hellebore    P. 113 2061:  The Black Tusk from the meadow 2063:  Broad-Leaved Willowherb by the stream 2069:  Running Clubmoss (?)    P. 432 2070:  Mt. Garibaldi across the valley from the meadow 2077:  A spider beetle on Cow Parsnip    P. 213 2080:  Meandering stream near the beginning of the meadow 2085:  Pearly Everlasting    P. 304

These photos were taken on a hike with Karen and Doug Wylie on August 18, 2005. Brandywine Meadows is in a hanging valley about 14 km west of Whistler, BC, located at 50o 6" N, 123o 11" W.

To get to the meadows, turn west off Highway 99 at WPT053: 92,060E 44,830N (UTM, NAD27). Turn right at WPT043: 88,590E, 46,090N, keep left at WPT028: 88,570E, 46,290N, keep right at WPT041: 88,240E, 47,000N, and keep right at WPT034: 88,550E, 47,295N. Park near snowmobiler's cabin at WPT BR CAR: 88,270E, 47,630N. Don't try this without a 4x4!

It is about a 45 minute walk to the beginning of the meadows at WPT037: 86,650E, 48,960N. You can walk about 1 km up the meadows before the trail rises steeply to Brandwine Mountain.

The plants are tentatively identified by the page number in Pojar & MacKinnon, "Plants of Coastal British Columbia", Lone Pine Publishing, 1994. Please let me know if any are mis-identified!