C. S. Leung

Ph.D. (Stanford), P. Eng.
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering



ICICS Member

My research interests are in the area of efficient, reliable and secure transmission of information in mobile radio communication systems. Such systems are of great commercial interest as exemplified by the rapid growth in the cellular telephone industry and increasing subscriber demand for mobile data services. At the physical layer level, we are interested in the design and performance evaluation of efficient techniques for communication over the mobile radio fading channel. These include soft decision decoding, multi-user detection and space-time coding.  The reliability of the received information, as quantified by the probability of  undetected error, is another issue being examined. At the data link layer level, methods for efficiently sharing a common channel among a number of mobile users for multiple-access as well as broadcast situations are being studied. These include the performances of different ARQ and multiplexing schemes for point-to-multipoint transmission. Also of interest is the performance evaluation of existing and new routing strategies for use in multihop mobile packet radio networks and resource allocation and QoS issues in mixed media networks. Issues in the design of cellular systems such as channel asignment, mobility management and transmit diversity are being explored. Another research area is communication network security.

Selected Publications