1. Bullet    For Potential Students seeking PhD Admission in my Lab: Given the huge number of enquiries for graduate student positions, I accept a small proportion of applicants with very strong academic credentials. I offer Research Assistantships to all accepted applicants. Major scholarship holders are welcome to apply and are accepted with top-ups (several of my  students have full external scholarships from NSERC or UBC). Outstanding applicants, who have completed a bachelors program, can be admitted directly into the PhD program.

I am primarily seeking PhD students. Ideally you would have done your Masters in EE or Physics or jointly with EE and Math. If you satisfy all the requirements below, then you are welcome to contact me for admission to a PhD:

  1. At least one journal publication in an IEEE or equivalent journal for your Master’s degree plus 2 conference papers. Strong math skills (meaning you have done courses in real analysis, convex optimization, probability, random processes, linear algebra, dynamical systems in your Master’s degree). Excellent communication and writing skills.

As you can see from my publications, I work very closely with my students in the research projects.  I put a lot of intellectual effort into the research projects with students and I expect the same from students.

  1. Bullet MASc students: If you are a recent UBC Engineering Physics graduate with a GPA higher than 81% ; and you did well in my UBC course EECE-453:); then I may consider accepting you as a Master's student -- please contact me.

PhD Alumni

Current PhD students:

Kevin Topley. Consensus formation (Funded by DRDC)

Sahar Monfared: Molecular Biosensors (NSERC Scholar)

Mustafa Fanaswalla: Meta-level Target Tracking (NSERC Scholar)

Omid Namvar: Game Theoretic Learning (UBC Grad Fellowship)

Maziyar Hamdi:  Signal Processing on Randim Graphs

Anup Aryan: Math Finance

May Siksik: Molecular Dynamics of Proteins

Maryam Abolfath-Beygi: Biosensor Arrays

William Hoiles (starting 2012)

Udit Pareek  (starting 2012)

Vikramjit Sandhu (starting 2012, NSERC Scholar)

Daniel Crawford (starting 2012)