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My Research

My master's project is involved in studying the possibilities of whole-hand surface interaction. This is important since we, as humans with well-developed dexterity, interact with things that have surfaces (rigid or otherwise) all the time.

For this purpose one of the tools I use is a unique device called the MTC Express. Its pressure-sensitive multi-point capabilities make it suited for studying surface interaction, especially with the hands, due to the touchpad form factor.

FlowField is a graphical interactive application that uses the MTC Express as its interface. In FlowField, users interact with the touchpad to create obstructions in a flow of moving particles. These obstructions disrupt the movements of the particles in a way akin to placing your fingers in flowing water.

The interactions we perform with everyday objects can be complex, subtle, and even emotive. These properties are quite apparent when we apply these interactions in our relationships with other living things (i.e. through caress, etc.).