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EECE493 Power Electronics


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Design Project in Electrical Power : Summary

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I grew up in Rugby, England with a British mother and Canadian father: It was an interesting place to grow up (more than football!). After school I spent some time in industry and took a degree in Electrical Engineering at Imperial College, London. This was immediately followed by a PhD in Power Electronics at Imperial. I joined the faculty of the University of Cambridge, Department of Engineering in 1985. Over the next 19 years I taught power electronics, motor drives, control theory and advanced analog circuits as well as runnng the famous inverter project and various labs. In recent years I supervised the CD player activity also. I joined St Catharine's College as a Fellow in 1987, and I was Director of Studies for the Catz engineers for much of that time. In the College I supervised Maths, Electronic Circuits, Power and Control. In July 2004 I joined the faculty of the University of British Columbia in the beautiful city of Vancouver, Canada.

My principle research is in the design, characterisation and use of power semiconductor devices. I now have over 100 publications in the area. My current research is in the use of high voltage IGBTs connected in series, the characterisation of IGBTs and the computer simulation and optimisation of IGBTs and diodes. I also have active research in the computer simulation of multi-disciplinary systems, paricularly captive power systems (such as cars and ships) and fuel cells. I have patents on novel MOS gated devices and MOS gate drives.


  Series connected IGBT Rig  

I am also taking part in the VTB project based at the University of South Carolina, Columbia, South Carolina USA .


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