Mehdi Moradi, PhD, PEng
Office: KAIS 4014
Tel: 604-827-0079

Research Interests
Prof. Moradi holds a B.Sc. degree in biomedical engineering from Tehran Polytechnic, an M.Sc. degree in biomedical engineering from University of Tehran (2003), and a PhD in (biomedical) computing from Queen's University, Kingston, Ontario (2008). His research has been featured in the Precarn Annual Report 2007, and on the cover of IEEE Transactions on Biomedical Engineering (2009). He has since served as an NSERC postdoctoral fellow at the University of British Columbia, and a lecturer of biomedical engineering at Simon Fraser University in Vancouver, Canada. He has also worked as the Head of the Board of Directors of Persia BME Information Institute (2000-2003), Editor in Chief of Iran's Med. and Lab. Equipment Magazine (2001-2003), Graduate Chair of the First Canadian Student Conference on Biomedical Computing (CSCBC2006), and as a research scientist at the National Center for Image Guided Therapy within Harvard Medical School in Boston, MA (2011-2012). He joined the ECE department at UBC as a faculty member in May 2012. His research interests are biomedical engineering, signal and image processing, machine learning in medical image computing, computer-aided diagnosis, image-guided interventions, interventional multimodality and multiparametric imaging (ultrasound and MRI).

Recent Publications


Robotics and Control
cat lab Dr. Moradi is part of the Robotics and Control lab, which carries out research in medical image analysis, image guided diagnosis and interventions, as well as telerobotic and robotic control of mobile machines and manipulators. Applications range from the integration of real-time imaging in image-guided therapy to new concepts for the control of large hydraulic mobile machines such as excavators.
Students and faculty collaborate towards pushing the boundaries on our research endeavors. Graduate students, undergraduate students, and other engineers carry out research projects in the lab and associated labs under supervision of faculty members in Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and in collaboration with personnel from other University Departments, government and industrial laboratories. Technologies developed in the lab have been transferred to manufacturers and are incorporated into products sold in Canada, United States and Europe. More information on the Robotics and Control group can be found on the Robotics and Control website.


Research Team

Anahita Shojaei PhD Student
Hussam Al-Deen Ashab PhD Student
Nishant Uniyal MSc Student
Nandinee Haq MSc Student
Soheil Hor MSc Student
Adrian Wong Undergraduate Co-op Student


Open Positions
I am always looking for talented graduate students to work on problems related to machine learning and medical image analysis.


Biosignals and Systems - EECE 434
Data acquisition, time and frequency domain analysis, analog and discrete filter design, sampling theory, time-dependent processing, linear prediction, random signals, biomedical system modeling, and stability analysis; introduction to nonlinear systems.
Graduate Seminar - EECE 571 S
Electrical Engineering Seminar and Special Problems in Machine Learning.

Current Projects
Coming soon.



Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada



Feb 2014 - My students will present the following articles at SPIE Medical Imaging Conference:
Nandinee Haq: Improved parameter extraction and Classification for dynamic contrast enhanced MRI of prostate
Adrian Wong: Towards Enabling Ultrasound Guidance in Cervical Cancer High-Dose-Rate Brachytherapy

August 2013 - Honored to be selected as 2013-2014 Peter Wall Early Career Scholar

July 2013 - My graduate student Nishant Uniyal gave a talk on ultrasound-based breast cancer detection at IEEE Ultrasonic Symposium in Prague, Czech Republic on July 22

July 2013 - I will serve as the workshops/tutorial co-chair for MICCAI 2014 which will be held in Boston, MA

July 2013 - I had an invited talk at CMOS Emerging Technologies Research on July 17, 2013, Whistler, BC

June 2013 - My successful NSERC Engaged grant on the topic of "Multiparametric ultrasound for probabalistic cancer maps" enabled collaboration with Philips Heathcare

May 2013 - I served as a Program Community Member, for Medical Image Computng and Computer- Assisted Interventions, MICCAI 2013, and attendd the PC meeting in Tokyo,Japan

May 2013 - In Fall 2013, I will offer a new graduate course on Machine Learning in Medical Image and Signal Analysis

2007 - Awarded the Best Poster Award and the Best Technical Demonstration Award at Intelligent Systems Conference