Mohammad Najafi

PhD Candidate, ECE Dept, University of British Columbia


Simplicity can be achieved using our proposed differential single-wall calibration that does not require a special calibration phantom. Even the bottom of a water tank can serve as a phantom.


Ultrasound Calibration

In all the clinical applications that use freehand tracked ultrasound, one main challenge is to precisely locate the ultrasound image pixels with respect to a tracking sensor on the transducer. This process is called spatial Calibration.

The most accurate ultrasound calibration is made possible with our proposed differential method using a multi-wedge phantom.


Single Camera Closed-form Real-time Needle Tracking for Ultrasound-Guided Needle Insertion:


The effectiveness of a treatment in  percutaneous procedures and the success or precision of a diagnosis is highly dependent on the accuracy of percutaneous insertion.


A single camera mounted on the ultrasound transducer is proposed to track the needle in real-time for real-time guidance and trajectory planning during an ultrasound-guided needle insertion procedure.

Ultrasound Calibration using a Single-Wall Phantom:


Ultrasound Calibration using a Multi-wedge Phantom: