Mr. Avi Pollak, Sydney, Australia

My Experience with Avi Pollak

While on sabbatical in Sydney, I was fortunate enough to rent a furnished apartment from Mr. Avi Pollak.

Avi turned out to be a considerate young man who asked for a reasonable amount of rent in exchange for staying in his apartment while he went away on vacation to Japan.

To accommodate my schedule, he was nice enough to let me move in 2 weeks early, before his own vacation started; meanwhile, he was able to live with his family or girlfriend. Then, due to unforseen difficulty with my interim accommodations, he let me move in 1 day earlier than agreed in exchange for a small additional payment. I thought this was very accommodating.

Just before I left Australia, Avi had his father, Bernie Pollak, visit to make sure the apartment was still in good condition. Of course, things were fine so Avi had no concerns when he returned to his apartment. Bernie operates Pearsons Florist Australia.

After my experience, I wanted others to know what kind they could expect in future dealings with Avi.

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