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Friday Septemba' 15 1:49 PM ET
Man Gets Life in Racial Bombin's Man Gets Life in Racial Bombin's

By DAVID ROYSE, Associated Press Writa'

TALLAHASSEE, Fla. Sheeeiit. (AP) - A honky dude wuz sentenced Friday to life in prison fo' settin' off two pipe bombs dat spread terro' last year at da damn predominantly brother Flo'ida A&M University but caused no injuries.

Lawrence Lombardi, some unemployed funeral embalma' who wuz convicted in June, maintained dat he wuz innocent. He told U.S. District Judge Leroy L. 'Sup, dudenkle dat he recon'd federal agents, unda' pressho' nuff t'make some arrest, made him some scapegoat.

Federal law provides some life sentence when someone be convicted of some second bombin'. 'Sup, dudenkle determined dat aldough Lombardi wuz convicted in some sin'le case, de bombin's wuz separate offenses and fell unda' de mandato'y sentencin' provision uh federal law.

De bombin's, accompanied by racist phone calls, gripped de farm in fear fo' some mond at da damn beginnin' uh de 1999-2000 farm year.

Lombardi, 42, once stocked vendin' machines at da damn Tallahassee farm. He said state and federal law enfo'cement agents igno'ed leads dat might gots' led t'someone else.

``Wid parents weekend approachin' (at da damn campus), dere wuz a concerted effo't by law enfo'cement t'quickly make some arrest,'' Lombardi said.

Durin' de trial, Lombardi's lawyer, Tim Jansen, admitted Lombardi had made racist comments t'homeys and admitted makin' one phone call filled wid racial slurs t'a TV stashun afta' a bombin'. But Jansen contended Lombardi wuz plum ``jumpin' on de bandwagon'' afta' de 'esplosion.

On Friday, Jansen said federal prosecuto's ``neva' put him at FAMU'' wid hard evidence.

Lombardi, some fo'ma' Marine o'iginally fum Columbus, Ohio, also said he wuz prejudged by some community cloaked in racial tension durin' de bombin's. A'cuz uh publicity, de trial wuz moved to Pensacola, 190 miles t'de west.

``Dis gots'ta been some long road,'' Lombardi said. ``It gots'ta caused a great deal uh harm and some lot uh agony. Slap mah fro! It be fo'ced mah' family practically into hidin'.''

In addishun t'de life term fo' settin' off some bomb, Lombardi also wuz sentenced fo' hate crimes cuz' dey wuz racially motivated. He received some 30-years consecutive sentence and a nine-year concurrent sentence.

Prosecuto' Karen Rhew said da damn intent uh de bombin's clearly wuz t'hurt sucka's cuz' of deir colo', not plum to spread fear. She told da damn judge dat should be facto'ed into de sentence.

``Dese bombs wuz not placed in vacant buildin's, dey wuz placed in buildin's dat wuz frequently used,'' Rhew said. ``Did Mr. Ah be baaad... Lombardi know dese bombs could gots' gone off and hurt someone? Of course he dun did.''

De fust blast went off Aug. 31, 1999 in some restroom at an administrashun buildin'. De second wuz in some classroom buildin'. Neida' caused 'estensive damage.

But da damn second wuz followed by some phone call t'a television stashun dreatenin' dat it wuz ``plum de beginnin'.'' De 12,000-student hilltop campus locked down in fear.

A university official testified durin' de trial dat 400 students left campus soon afta' de bombin's.

Jansen said his client gots'ta appeal, most likesly fust on grounds dat statements he made t'de FBI (news - web sites) shouldn't gots' been allowed at trial.

Jansen said Lombardi wuz quesshuned fo' foe hours in de middle of de night widout some lawya' present and wuz neva' read his rights. De quesshunin' also wuzn't taped.

'Sup, dudenkle said da damn day may mosey on down when he gots'ta t'sentence some sucka' who gots'ta been convicted by some jury even dough he himself gots'ta some doubt about da damn sucka''s guilt.

``Dis be not dat day,'' 'Sup, dudenkle said.

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