UBC equipment information and instructions

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PDF - detailed instructions on the use of the Marantz PMD670 Compaq Flash audio recorder.

A list of lendable department equipment is below:

Audio Equipment

Portable Research Quality Recorders

DAT package

TEAC DA-P20 - Linguistics Department

Tascam DA-P1 - Speech Lab

Cassette package

(currently four + 1 + 1 similar packages, Linguistics and Speech Lab; plus one unit from Davis research grant)

Marantz PMD 430

Marantz M-1 - Linguistics Department
Marantz L-2 - Linguistics Department
Marantz S-1 - Speech Lab
Marantz S-2 - Speech Lab
Marantz S-3 - Speech Lab
Marantz -- Davis grant -- not available for general use

Reel-to-Reel (Ling D251)

Uher 4000 Report #1 (under repair)
Uher 4000 Report #2

Non-Portable Research-Quality Recorders


Tascam DA-40 DAT Recorder - Speech Lab


TEAC W6000R - Linguistics Dept
Tascam 202 Mk-3 - Speech Lab


Revox B77 - Linguistics D251

Microphones (Research Quality)

Various other mics can be borrowed: head-mounted mics, clip-on mics, inconspicuous flat table mics, one wireless mic.

Transcription playback cassette decks

four Sony language-lab recorders with skip-back feature for transcription

Classroom Demos (tape or CD)

Sony CMD-100 boom box with CD and two tape wells (tape problem?) (alternative tape-only boom box can be borrowed from Carden.)


Sony JCM-5000 EV (portable, works, minor noise level is acceptable, but bad response above ca 3 KHz makes it unusable for research work) We have a number of other machines in E255, ranging from elderly but good-quality reel-to- reel machines (e.g. Uher 5000) to total junk cassette players.

Other sources for recording equipment:

1. Arts A/V and the Multimedia Language Centre have a range of equipment for serious audio recording, including a bookable sound-shielded room. See Carden for info. 2. In an emergency, you can borrow CardenÕs personally owned equipment:
-- research-quality cassette deck (TEAC A-103) and good-quality uni- and omni-directional mics
-- boom box for playing class demos (cassette only, no CD)

II. Analysis Equipment

Signalyze acoustic analysis software (Ling)

departmental site license
system requirements: Any fairly modern Mac
Installed: G3 in E269; G3 and G4 systems in D251
Also available in Arts Computing labs C178 and A107

Macquirer and PCquirer acoustic and physiological hardware and software analysis system:

(Speech Lab: consult Dr. Gick.)
One hardware data-collection system, primarily for acoustic + aerodynamic data.
Several licenses for the analysis software, which works for both PCs and Macs.

Ultrasound (Speech Lab)

Consult Dr. Gick.

MacSpeech Lab II acoustic analysis software (Ling)

single license, requires proprietary data acquisition board
Not currently set up: Mac IIci in E255

III. Computer Equipment

Mac and PC systems in E269 and D251

Mac Powerbook G3/233 (with floppy, CD, and Zip modules) (Speech Lab)

Portable Zip drives (parallel = PC and SCSI = some Macs) (Ling)

Portable Jaz drive (Speech Lab: in D251)

CDR burner (USB) (Speech Lab: in D251)

IV. Teaching software and models

Ladefoged et al, Course in Phonetics and Sounds of the World's Languages
institutional site licence
system requirements: essentially any Mac
Available in Arts Computing Labs C178, A107; installed on the G3 in E269

Netter, Atlas of Human Anatomy
individual license only -- class demonstrations: available from Carden

Models: Various anatomical and physiological models available for teaching: see Carden

Other small items and items in development: see Carden