Recent Publications

. 'Don’t Break My Heart!': User Security Strategies for Online Dating. In USEC, 2017.


. FrankenSSL: Recombining Cryptographic Libraries for Software Diversity. In ASIA, 2016.



Towards Reducing the Risk of Sexual Assault for Users of Dating Sites

Many sexual offences occur online largely due to the anonymity involved in the use of online dating platforms….

Transparent Unlocking for Your Smartphone

Various studies have shown that 40% or more of smart phone users do not use any authentication mechanism on their devices and most of the users cite “inconvenience” as the reason….

Understanding the Security Perception of Users in the Cryptocurrency Domain

Cryptocurrencies have come a long way since the introduction of the first digital currency, namely Bitcoin, in 2009. Currently, there exist over 1600 different cryptocurrencies…

Users' Privacy and Security Concerns about Smart Speakers

IoT is becoming increasingly popular in home environments. Users are equipping their homes with multiple devices such as …