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Julian's passion is technology and he hopes he can foster learning while working. He will continue studying for as long as he can. 
Interests: Optimization, Automation, Security, Machine Learning
Julian Benavides, Engineer
Container-based cloud infrastructure system to allow fast and efficient infrastrcture deployments leveraged by Kubernets and AWS.
An open source software library for machine learning.
Tensor Flow
The University of British Columbia offers a PHD program that focus in CyberSecurity. Julian's plans include pursuing his PHD.
University of British Columbia

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Motorola Solutions Case of Success: WAVE
Julian's Professional Experience
Public Health Agency of Canada
Senior Bio-Surveillance Officer
Canadian Pacific
Sr. Lead Engineer
IBM Colombia
Software Sales Specialist
University of Manitoba
Research Assistant

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Computer Engineer, M.Sc

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Ranked “Outstanding” on the annual performance report.

Evaluated, budget-planned, designed, and managed the 2017 hardware renewal project. Budget approved: CAD$1.5MM.

Successful implementation of the disaster recovery / business continuity site.


 Interviewed in the Motorola Solutions case study video for the “WAVE Radio over IP” project.

Designed and implemented a high-security infrastructure sub-platform for the CP Police Service Agency

Different promotions through years.


Master’s degree awarded in 2014.

Published several scientific papers.

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